Technology represents the assembly of methods, processes, operations used for raw materials and data to obtain finished goods.



In executing the components, we have applied the studies of technical specialists of SIEMENS, and we have invested in the latest in computer technology to perform the components, by providing numerically controlled machines, and using SIEMENS 840D program for the parts designed to be manufactured; we use the simulation software to design the parts and to analyse the working parameters, without differences, starting from virtual creation to detailed implementation of customers’ requirements.



SKY ZEPP meets customer needs by providing the best solutions for components made of different materials that remain unaffected by the cutting process, except for lumber. We purchased the best facing and milling machines produced by the world-renowned company DMG GILDEMEISTER, incorporating the latest inventions of MORI SEIKI manufacturer, that launched the new products purchased by us during 2012, DMG-MORI SEIKI CTX310 V3 eco, and 4 axes DMG-MORI SEIKI DMC 1035.



The technology operations are performed using metal processing equipment provided by the most prestigious companies in the world. Decisions for facing, cutting, roughing, and parts finishing are taken together with SANDVIK, ISCAR representatives, who through periodic visits provide performance solutions for an efficient processing, both in terms of processing time and in terms of high quality of the processed surface. For parts that require threaded holes, SKY ZEPP chose the drills and tap borers provided by EMUGE, WALTER and OSG specialists.



The raw material used to produce the components is chosen according to the final beneficiaries’ requirements, who specify the composition of the material in mould designs. Following the systematic examination of the supplier's material quality, we have tried to buy materials all over Europe (Romania, Germany, Italy, and Austria).



Datas represent the relationship between the production details in the mold design, 3D CAD / CAM simulation software and the final part. The correlation between the three reference data is done by testing the components’ final parameters through control devices for measuring and monitoring parts processing and processing tools offered by HEIDENHAIN TS 649 Company, by direct measurements and touch infrared technology and manual measuring systems offered by MITUTOYO.



Our client's final product represents our business card. We are proud of our reputation for the highest levels of quality and customer satisfaction. Thanks to the preciseness and requirements brought forth by our customers, we manage to exceed performance expectations and to satisfy the end-user - THE BUYER - to whom we would like to express our gratitude for trust and choice for buying our quality products of the entire value chain created and implemented by SKY ZEPP.

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