The whole business is based on principles of partnership, and investment is mutually rewarding: our customers give us their trust and we bring our experience and professionalism. It is a special relationship and it has as a primary purpose: customer satisfaction.

Our business philosophy is clear and simple: to put our knowledge and educational talent into practice to teach professionalism to employees and provide superior service in order to make European society both more sustainable and more competitive.

SKY ZEPP aims to be more than just a single product provider. The SKY ZEPP products offer a modern solution to a classic problem - TIME IS MONEY. We translate the product's features into benefits for our clients by illustrating the reasoned relationship between COST and TIME.

SKY ZEPP SOLVES the core coming from the required COST for the shortTIME to resolve the LOSTobjective.



According to Aristotle, exchange value is derived from use value. There are two different levels in Aristotle’s hierarchy of needs: physical needs and psychological needs and, therefore he distinguishes between two kinds of values: moral and spiritual /material values. Economic value is the material value of goods and services. The use value or utility of a good or service depends upon its being productive of an individual person's good. The Greek philosopher distinguished between the use value and exchange value. SKY ZEPP follows this principle in choosing the exchange value as the basis for the cost allocation to finished goods, what represents the purchase cost, creating use value to the ultimate beneficiary. Value of goods and services represents the progress and profitability of our company by allocating a fair price derived by the interaction of supply and demand.



In the light of Feigenbaum's principles, SKY ZEPP provides quality control starting with the identification of customer quality requirements, design, manufacture, and ending with the identification of the finished product use, according to the four levels of quality control:

- Design control - involves determining the specifications and requirements to achieve quality in terms of cost, performance, reliability and safe product operation, according to the real needs of users, including potential deficiencies;

- Reception control by the beneficiary, involving minimum risk acceptance conditions of materials and components as described, emphasizing raw material supplier’s responsibility;

- Product and production control to prevent quality deviations, so as the parts manufactured to meet the specifications and production standards;

- Particular studies to determine what effects may occur over the course of the product development process, in order to investigate the main cause of nonconformities relating to product, to determine criteria for improving quality by implementing permanent corrective actions.



Quite simply, a company is its people. SKY ZEPP is committed to equal opportunity for its team, we enable all of our employees achieve their full potential.



We have a passion for excellence and an enthusiasm for what we do - and engagement to produce the best parts and components on the market.



A fundamental feature of the European economy is speed, and it is a fact that change is constant and unavoidable, and organizational survival is dependent on developing the ability to adapt to and embrace change. As we have been doing for the last 7 years, we relate to future by anticipating the labour market needs and demands and leading our company towards a long-term, successful future.



At SKY ZEPP , we have always been committed to operating our business in the most ethical manner possible. Everything we do is guided by a moral compass that ensures fairness, respect, and complete transparency to all collaborators.